Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Republicans, where are you?

Where have all the Republicans gone?

I was raised to believe in the Republicans. They were a bunch of mean old men who kept a damn close eye on my money. They wanted to keep all those damn Democrats from blowing it all on drugs and booze. They wanted less government, smaller government, and less in my face government.

They kept us out of wars, and pulled us out of the ones the Democrats started. Man, I thought Republicans were where it was AT!

Today, the Republican is a different beast entirely. Far as I can tell, the Republican of today does not seem to believe in a damn thing aside from that a Republican should be elected to each and every public office; that the Republican is inherently superior to any non-Republican; and that failure to believe this makes one a Liberal, a slimy subhuman thing that should die by fire immediately for the betterment of humanity.

Gone is the "don't spend" mentality -- two of the last three Republican presidents have run the deficit up beyond anything seen since World War II. Gone is the "mind our own business" mentality -- the last Republican not only got us into two wars, but made a point of ignoring his own generals and advisors while doing so, apparently less interested in the lives of Americans than in playing toy soldiers with the world's greatest military force.
I am not particularly wild about Democrats. Their reputation still ain't the best. But at least they seem to believe in something, and they do a better job of pretending they give a shit about my country than the current crop of what passes for Republicans. What the hell, people?

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