Monday, March 22, 2010

About Obama...

Y'know what? I'm REAL tired of all this crap about Obama's birthplace. So I'm gonna settle it once and for all. You see, it all boils down to one of two possibilities:

(a) Barack Obama was born an American citizen, in which case his presidency is perfectly legit, and all you Birther nitwits can CHEW IT RAW!

(b) Barack Obama was not born an American citizen, but has successfully concealed this by way of a conspiracy that equals the Kennedy assassination, the Black Dahlia murder, and the true story of Area 51. The conspiracy would HAVE to be this good, because if there were any evidence at all that held any water at all, McCain would have been all over it, in which case the whole issue would have erupted by now for sure. And since it has not, there IS no evidence proving he's not a natural born citizen, meaning no one is ever going to prove anything, which means he will still be president, and all you Birther nitwits can CHEW IT RAW!

Same thing, same result, either way.

So can you shut the hell up about it, already? I was sure as hell born in this country, and I'm tired of hearing you all BITCH about it!

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