Monday, March 22, 2010

"Get your hand out of my pocket!"

Y'know, this whole big stupid thing about health insurance is getting on my nerves. What is it that people can't stand about having national health insurance?

*"I don't want to pay for other people's health insurance!" Too late. You already are. Every time the cops call an ambulance to pick up some wino who poisoned himself drinking aftershave, the hospital HAS to treat him, which means us taxpayers HAVE to pick up the tab. And I am here to tell you that the kind of bum that you and I don't want to pay to have insurance? He won't do it. He won't keep track of it, he won't fill out the paperwork, he won't do anything, because he's a fuckup, which is why he's a bum in the first place, which is why you and I are already paying for his medical expenses! In short, he isn't going to cost us any more money than he already IS!

The people you're paying for are poor people, single moms, underemployed people, children, and people who for one reason or another can't afford health insurance that offers any reasonable coverage. People who -- if yer as Christian as you claim to be -- you'd help already... or who may be eligible for help from charities and such. This way, they can actually get health insurance, rather than hope like hell some charity can and will pony up to cover bills they can't afford. Note also that these people ALSO go to emergency rooms when they have to, which means you and I are ALREADY paying their damn bills. At least this way, the weight is spread among the whole body of taxpayers, thus making it cheaper for all of us.

Or are you saying that the children of poor people should just suck it up and suffer because their parents apparently chose to be poor and can't afford health insurance and you'd rather watch 'em croak because you don't want to pony up less than one percent of your tax money? Frankly, if that's true, you're a bigger prick than the bankers who got us into this whole financial mess to begin with.

"It's socialist! It's politically wrong!" Yeah, right. Come on, man, we're the richest and most powerful nation on the planet. If the goddamn FRENCH can do it, you're saying we can't? Shit, even ANIMALS look out for their own kind! You're saying you won't even do what a pack of wolves would do?

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  1. Yes, that is exactly what they are saying, and being the sister of one of these folk it is shameful.