Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another day on the job...

This is how I know I’m a behavior management specialist: An actual exchange in my class last month:

"Hm," I said, checking my calendar. "Tomorrow is Groundhog Day."

"What's Groundhog Day?" asked a student.

"It happens on February second," I replied.

"Why they call it Groundhog Day?"

"Because there's an old legend," I said, seizing the teachable moment. "They say that the groundhog comes out of his hole on February 2 after sleeping all winter, and he turns around to see if he has a shadow. If he sees his shadow, that means winter is pretty much over."

"What if he don't see his shadow?"

"Well, if he doesn't see his shadow, that means there'll be another six weeks of winter."

"Where the groundhog live?"

"Not in Texas. Groundhogs are native to the northern states. Why?"

" 'Cuz if we could find out where the groundhog live, we could go kill it before it make the winter any longer."

Straight face. Straight face. STRAIGHT FACE....

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