Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Went and lost my perspective

My blog ain't funny any more. I went and got all absorbed in politics, and the people screaming at each other, and then I went and got all bent out of shape about the morons, and I went and lost me perspective. There hasn't been any funny all week.

Well, that needs to change. I've changed the clamps on the generator that feeds the electric fence, I've given the Bouncing Betties on the perimeter their annual servicing, and with Spring here, I've retuned and released the cyborg squirrels of doom to continue their regular perimeter patrols. They're much better now; last year, they had a bad habit of falling out of the tree if they got too far beyond the WiFi hotspot. This year, they're all upgraded to satellite.

There will be no more bitching about politics here. At least not for a while. Life is too short to spend it raging at morons. At least unless one is being paid to do it...

1 comment:

  1. It's okay, I lose my perspective when it comes to rethuglicans all the time. Yes, I sound like a Geico commercial. btw this be tracy.